Lida Tachtaul
92 years old. South Elgin, IL.USA

My name is Lida Tachtaul; I’m 92 years old. I Suffered from severe Lower Back Pain, I took the following medication for my pain, Hydrocodone – APAP 5/500mg.

On November 12, 2009 I’ve decided to buy and test TANYX ® which I heard so much about. I was informed that TANYX ® works well for all types of pain and that it was easy to use, with no side effects and without the use of taking any medication. Around 11:30am – 12:10pm TANYX ® was placed on the area of my pain at a comfort level of high; it’s was a very good & relaxing feeling. About 40 minutes later I removed TANYX ® and I was asked how I felt, my first response was I feel very good. In a matter of a few more minutes I replied again and I can’t believe it, but I feel no more pain!

On November 14, 2009 I was still without pain, but I was worried that the severe pain may come back, so I decided to place TANYX ® on again at the same comfort level which was high and again left it on for about 40 minutes. Same results from a few days ago zero pain and I feel great!

Today is December 9, 2009; I have been pain free for 28 days now since my first application of TANYX ® was placed on my lower back and it has also been 28 days without me having to take medication for my lower back pain! I feel like a new person as I’ve never felt so much joy in not having to deal with any of my lower back pain. I have even gone back to my little walks around my home. I will always carry a TANYX ® by my side for those little unforeseen pains and if any severe pain returns, I know I will be ready and can count on TANYX ® in doing the job of removing that pain. It really worked for me and I know it will work for you. This truly is a God sent product!

Herold Cassiani
79 years old - Ribeirão Preto/SP - Brazil

My name is Herold Cassiani. I’m 79 years old. I fell ill around 8 years ago for having suffered 9 column surgeries due to Osteoarthritis.

The surgeries were done to implant some of the plates and screws due to the strong pain that I felt. Unfortunately, the surgeries didn’t bring positive results and I still suffer intense pain in my back and lower basin. I have been taking potent medicines; even so the pain level has not diminished.

15 days ago, I initiated a treatment with TANYX ® , which my son got from a friend of his.I must admit that in the first 3 days I didn't feel the tingling that TANYX ® emitted. After this period, I felt a relief and a sensitive improvement of my pains making 4 applications with 30 minutes each for day.I have reduced the number of tablets that I take daily and I have been more encouraged.

I evaluate that the improvement was around 30%, basing on the serious chronic problem that I have.I’m still doing the treatment and I hopeful for more improvements.

I’m sure that TANYX ® will beneficiate a lot of people

Jacqueline Velasco
C.I. 11.060.103-4 – Santiago – Chile

My name is Jacqueline Del Carmen Velasco. I’m 43 years old and I live in Santiago – Chile.

I suffered of colon colic (Irritable colon); due to this condition I’ve been taking some medicines like dipyrone or Pargaverine.

For one year I didn’t have any such stomach pain until last Thursday Mach 4th 2010, when the pain came back so strong it forced me to lay down and kept me from working. I couldn’t stand up or function normally.

There was no kind of analgesic in my work; my employees placed on my stomach area a TANYX ® product, turned it on Low intensity. As this intensity was too low for me, I increased it to Medium and left it on for about 45 minutes.

At the end of the 45 minutes, I was feeling no more pain I went back to work immediately, until today Wednesday March 9th 2010, I continued feeling no pain. The pain really vanished!

I highly recommended TANYX ® for this kind of colic, only after one application I’m pain free.

Sandra Camelier
53 years old, São Paulo-SP, Brazil

I suffer from fibromyalgia for many years and every crises, pain is add up to the major disruptions of moving to the therapy clinics for 20, 30 sessions of TENS.

Besides the physic difficult in moving, the waste of time with traffic jam and the price of parking are huge.

Discovering TANYX ® was a big relief. Now, I can make more than one session by day, in different parts of my body, while resting at home or work.

Pain really disappears fast and the product’s price is smaller than I was used to spend with my car parking. Excellent product.

Joaquim Eduardo de Barros
Curitiba – PR-Brazil

I suffered a motorcycle accident in 2009 that cause some sequels; one is a permanent lesion in C5 and C6 (high lesion of the plexus-brachial) caused me to lose movement of my left arm.

I need to take Tilex 4 times at day, but the medicine is not effective anymore in reducing or reliving my pain.

A friend of mine, Giuliana Sinickevickz, participate in November 26th, 2011, of the “I Jornada Científica de Futebol” (I Soccer Scientific Day Journey) that was realized in Positive University in Curitiba-PR-Brazil, with the physiotherapist of São Paulo Futebol Clube (a professional Brazilian soccer team) and CBF (Brazilian National Soccer Federation) Dr. Luis Alberto Rosan. He made a joke in his lecture asking to the participants if there was any São Paulo FC supporter and the ones that participated won a TANYX ®, my friend got one.

She knowing my physical condition, gave me the TANYX ® device and I used it until the battery ran out. I felt SPECTACULAR improvement since the beginning of usage of TANYX ®, a huge reduction of my pain, an improvement of my muscular tonicity and also in my psychological condition, because living with pain is so hard.

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