Medecell Group is a company with 20 year experience; we’ve been a leader in providing the global markets with the best in new product development, international commerce and consulting services.

Medecell is a company which has been solely dedicated in bring the best in cutting edge consumer related technologies and in exclusive health care products.

Medecell Group creation and development of TANYX® a new product with TENS Technology in relieving or eliminating pain.

TANYX® is a disposable device, easy to manage, just as easy as taking a pill, but without any of the side effects, with a number of clinical studies made in proving its effectiveness and safety use.

TANYX® A Medecell Group which owns the proprietary rights of the product, trademarked, marketing rights, and mfg rights, regulatory approved and registered with FDA in U.S., ANVISA in Brazil and and UL certified.

Medecell Group produces TANYX® with the upmost rigid international norms in compiling with all international regulations known, which are then distributed by suited pharmaceutical companies in major world markets where we have agreements.

Medecell Group is constantly revising its current & new product lines, keeping up with its agreements with our international partners in our research centers and always investing in new R&D.

Medecell Group currently holds offices in Chile known as Medecell Chile, in Uruguai known as Medecell S.A., in the United States known as Medecell US., Inc. and in Brazil known as Medecell do Brasil.


To become one of the major companies that improve the quality of life for patients world-wide through the use of breakthrough technologies, while bringing value to our business partners, customers, and to the communities in which we serve.


To provide innovative health-management and treatment products for consumers within an ethical framework that delivers exceptional customer service and cost benefit.

Our Values

Our business practices reflect our personal values. In our business we aim to demonstrate trustworthiness, fairness, good will and inclusion for all our stakeholders.

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