TANYX® is a product which is characterized as; portable, inexpensive disposable and (compared to other TENS based products), easy to handle & operate, no medical supervision is required.

It’s as easy as taking a pill, but without any of the side effects.
TANYX® is intended to reduce, relieve and even elimination acute or chronic pains, through the issuance of electrical signals that are focused and controlled by the patient. TANYX® has been tested for its effectiveness and safety proven by clinical studies accomplished in Brazil (Clinical Hospital – USP – Ribeirão Preto city – in the state of São Paulo) and in other countries. Following the international standards, TANYX® proves it’s efficacy and safety through the regulatory approval within the FDA, ANVISA and is UL certified.

TANYX® is primarily designed to be used on your legs, arms, lower back and shoulders.


Pulse Frequency: 55Hz
Pulse Width: 80 µs
Adjustable intensities: L; M; H
Operation range: (Charge of 500 ohm): 40 mA a 50 mA (peak current)
Remark: By software control, chosen intensity takes 2s to arrive to the respective voltage after turning the device on
Modes: Conventional or Pulse
Minimum duration: 8 hours
Energy source: 3-volt lithium cell CR2025
Operation temperature: -25ºC ~ 40ºC
Protection degree: IP22
Device classified as transit operable
Storage: Keep in a dry place under temperature between -25ºC ~ 70ºC

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